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Control Your Fate: Mediate! Contact Susan Keenberg, Attorney at Law to learn about Mediation.  Clients in Torrance and South Bay have found that cost-saving mediation is a better way to resolve disputes.  Susan is the Lawyer with Smarts And a Heart.
Control Your Fate: Mediate!
Even if you've never been involved in one yourself, you've surely heard what a nightmare a lawsuit can be, regardless of whether you're the plaintiff or the defendant. In fact, many times, even the "winner" of a lawsuit ends up feeling like a loser because of the high costs of winning -- both financial and emotional.
It's easy to understand why it's so much smarter to resolve a dispute at a mediation with a settlement that both sides find reasonably satisfying.  Everyone benefits when the parties control the outcome rather than leaving their fates in the hands of a jury, judge or arbitrator who will make a winner of one party and a loser of the other.
  • All contract and business disputes;
  • Employment law and workplace law matters;
  • Real estate law and landlord/tenant matters;
  • Premises liability and personal injury cases;
  • Professional liability including medical and dental malpractice;
  • Neighborhood disputes;
  • Common interest development and other homeowner association disputes;
  • And more . . .
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